Andrei Illarionov: Kyoto Protocol is economic 'Auschwitz' for Russia

Russian Presidential Advisor on Economic Issues Andrei Illarionov has described the Kyoto protocol as an 'economic Auschwitz for Russia.' As a Rosbalt correspondent reports, he made this announcement at an international forum devoted to the Kyoto protocol and investment in energy efficient projects on February 20. 'The Kyoto protocol punishes those countries which are developing fastest,' he said. 'Ratifying this protocol would transform Russia into an economic dwarf or baby whereas at present it is just beginning to grow into adulthood.'

Mr Illarionov is convinced that Russia will only be able to meet the requirements of the Kyoto protocol if its annual economic growth does not exceed 4%. If the Russian economy grows at 6-8% the level of pollution will already exceed the levels specified in the protocol by 2009-2012. Also, he said, the protocol is like a 'government plan as it stipulates the need for a large bureaucratic body to establish annual limits on carbon gas emissions not only for the country as a whole but for individual companies.'

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