Poll: 64% of Russians convinced Chechen War continues

64% of Russians are convinced that the Chechen War is continuing compared to 59% in December, according to a recent VTsIOM survey. Only 26% said that live is peaceful in Chechnya down from 28% in December.

66% said that now is the time to begin peace talks, while only 20% are convinced that military activity should be continued. In regard to the goals in Chechnya of the Russian government, 40% said they are preserving Russian territorial integrity, 34% answered they are waging the war on international terrorism, 27% responded that the government was reestablishing constitutional law in Chechnya, 21% said they were providing security to other Russian regions, 18% answered that the government was pursuing the self-interests of a few individuals and 9% said they were demonstrating the greatness and strength of Russian power.

The survey was conducted among 1601 respondents in 40 regions of Russia from January 23 through January 26.