Vice-Premier does not believe in existence of list of oligarchs to be suppressed

Vice-Premier Viktor Khristenko does not believe in the existence of a "secret list" of oligarchs to be suppressed soon.

"I have not seen such a list, and I do not think it exists," Khristenko said commenting on the rumors of alleged existence of a "list of five-seven oligarchs who are to be immediately checked and be suppressed within a short time."

"All this talk of 'secret lists' is destructive and very dangerous because it is supposed right away that it is necessary to struggle against the secret list by means of a secret collusion, a pact between business and power. This is the most deadlock model of behavior," Khristenko said speaking at the "business breakfast" in Rossiiskaya Gazeta.

The vice-chairman of the government deems creation of a normal legal environment and institutes of civil society to be the only correct way. "It is impossible to think of anything else, and, the most important, there is no need to form any pacts. Of course, a pact can be written within three days but civil society cannot be set up either during three days, or during three years, and is it necessary to work hard for years. And there will not be any 'lists', the Vice-Premier said.

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