Igor Ivanov: Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine's "revolutions" have nothing in common with democracy

The coups in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine are under study in Russia for learning the lessons taught, Russian Security Council secretary Igor Ivanov said in the interview to the journal Strategiya Rossii (Russia's Strategy).

In his opinion, "a change of power by undemocratic methods" has taken place in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

"When they speak of 'velvet' revolutions, victory of democracy in these countries - all this makes me skeptical", Igor Ivanov stressed, calling all the three "unconstitutional change of power".

"Imagining for a moment something like that in countries of West Europe, I strongly doubt that Western democracy could have put up with such practices of coming to power", Igor Ivanov said.

But, he said "they are the realities and we as a state should reckon with them", which means maintenance of relations in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan with those who have assumed responsibility for the political processes in their countries.

"On the personal plane, what has happened can be assessed however emotionally but, in relations between the countries, sober sense and the analysis of the situation should predominate", Igor Ivanov noted.

To him, the main mistake made by these countries' authorities in recent years is that no solid democratic institutions have been built up.

Igor Ivanov stressed that "in any case an analysis of the situation is required so that with its help to learn lessons from practice".

"We in Russia have been making, especially in recent months, the required steps in this respect", he stressed.

"On one hand, the state and the system of power are being strengthened. One the other hand, power-society dialog is becoming fuller", explained the secretary of the Russian Security Council.

In his opinion, "the rate of movement in these two directions will make it possible to retain political stability in the country".

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