Putin speaks on Russian constitution

The Constitution adopted in 1993 opened a possibility for Russia to enter the circle of developed world democracies as a reliable partner ready to cooperate, President Vladimir Putin said at a Kremlin function dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Russia Federation Constitution adoption.

The Russian president stressed that the stability of the Constitution defines stable work of institutions of state power, ensures regular elections to federal bodies and elections of power bodies in the regions. "The resource of the Constitution is far from being exhausted, and those who are trying to speculate on the topic of possible amendments to the Fundamental Law must remember it well," the Russian president said.

Vladimir Putin paid special heed to the necessity "to achieve such a situation when the law common for all despite official positions and persons will be the postulate of our life." Putin said a few days ago a new State Duma was elected for the fourth time in the constitutional decade. "Many of us, studying the long list of candidates in ballot papers, probably remembered that formerly, society was given only one choice - a choice without a choice," the Russian president said.

Since then, "we had to go a hard way together and overcome a lot of problems," the head of state said.

The president also emphasized that a period can't be put in democratic transformations, "just as a line can't be drawn under the country's forward movement and the nation's urge for progress.

"Today we need the experience of using the Constitution accumulated for the decade both to resolve domestic tasks and to effectively address the challenges of the modern time.

"We must learn ourselves and teach our children the legal culture, must have an unambiguous and efficient legislation.

"Strict observance of the Constitution is the basis of successful development of the state and civil accord in society.

"Our duty is to treat the Constitution carefully, respect it as we respect our country, our history and our achievements," the president concluded.

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