Russian senator fears Arab-Israeli stand-off evolve into global conflict

Dialogue between Russia and Jordan is acquiring special importance, Mikhail Margelov, head of the international affairs committee of the Russian Federation Council (the upper house of parliament) said in a RIA Novosti interview on Tuesday. King Abdallah II of Jordan will visit Moscow on November 18-19.

The dialogue is gaining importance because the Arab-Israeli stand-off is on the brink of evolving into a global conflict, the senator said.

Recent terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia and Turkey demonstrate that radicals are taking advantage of tensions in the Middle East and forcing the global community to take radical measures. They are trying to provoke a "global jihad," said Mr. Margelov.

"This is a challenge to the Muslim countries' political leaders, the government of Israel and all the civilized countries," he said.

"Today, the important thing is to prevent a chain reaction of mutual accusations and military actions provoked by anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim rhetoric," he said. "The situation in the region may, otherwise, further destabilize, which is fraught with grave consequences. Terrorists are treating the Muslim world as the weakest link in the international security chain. They are seeking to remove the current Muslim leaders from the political spotlight and seize power." Mr. Margelov said the authorities of Israel and Muslim countries must adopt a joint statement that says they are ready to join forces against terrorism and they condemn religious intolerance and anti-Semitism whatever form they may take.

Russia views itself as a mediator in the process of restoring constructive relations between the member-countries of the Islamic Conference Organization, Israel and the USA, said the senator.

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