Russian Far Eastern sea gates open for South Korean ferry

The Dong Chun sea ferry which arrived on Friday in Vladivostok (the time difference with Moscow is 7 hours) opened a regular cargo and passenger traffic line between Sokcho port in South Korea and the administrative center of the Maritime territory.

The press service of the Vladivostok sea trade port reported that in the course of the last three years the ferry was traveling between Sokcho and Zarubino in the Khasan region of the Maritime territory (at the junction of Russian, Chinese and North Korean borders).

The shortest land route to Yangbeng, the Korean autonomous area in the Chinese province of Jilin, runs from Zarubino. There are a lot of mountains and valleys, in the region which are sacred for Koreans and attract hundreds of tourists and pilgrims.

The new line is very convenient for numerous businessmen from both countries who were earlier forced to travel with their shipments by cars to Vladivostok, which lies 150 km southeast of Zarubino.

The Dong Chun ferry which is capable of transporting at a time 120 twenty-foot containers, several dozens of motor vehicles and 460 passengers will undoubtedly increase the cargo and passenger turnover of the Vladivostok sea trade port.

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