Yurga's coat of arms entered into Russia's state register

The Russian Union of Heraldry has notified the authorities of the town of Yurga (the Kemerovo Region, Siberia) that after a special examination by heraldry experts, the town's coat of arms was officially entered into the State Register of the Russian Federation.

An open contest for the best design of Yurga's coat of arms was announced in 2002. Then, the best version selected by a special commission was approved by the municipal authorities and sent to Moscow together with the statute of the emblem. The latter document underwent a linguistic and legal evaluation in the legal department of the State Duma and the Heraldry Council under the President of the Russian Federation.

The press service of the Kemerovo Region reports that Yurga's coat of arms represents a tapering rectangular blue shield with rounded lower corners. The shield carries an image of a black horse rising on its hind legs against the backdrop of a golden flame. A golden crown tops the Yurga coat of arms.

The horse is the principal element of the town's emblem. From times immemorial, a horse has been perceived as a symbol of onward movement, advance to perfection, and harmony with nature. Etymology of the name of Yurga knows many interpretations, one of them being a pacer horse.

After its entry into the State Register, the town's coat of arms may be officially used in letterheads of formal documents, stamps, distinguishing marks, decorations instituted by the Mayor and the local government, publications and IDs.

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