Kadyrov says "everything is interesting" at OIC summit update

"Everything was interesting here," Chechen President-elect Akhmad Kadyrov told journalists at the press center of the 10th conference of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.

"I met a lot of acquaintances from Jordan, Syria and other countries. The Russian president introduced me to the emir of Qatar, who had chaired the previous OIC conference and had acted as the OIC chairman for three years. He told the emir a few things about me and said I'd been on the other side during the first Chechen campaign," Kadyrov said.

Asked why Russia identified Islam with terrorism, he replied: "Those Moslems that raised a black banner by invading Dagestan [a republic neighboring Chechnya], they said they were fighting for Islam, and people began associating Islam with terrorism, but in reality it's just the other way round.

"The word Islam stems from the word peace. The people who managed to convince some people that Islam was a religion of extremists, terrorists and bandits were actually enemies of Islam."

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