Presidential Advisor: Kyoto Treaty discriminates against Russia

The Kyoto Treaty discriminates against Russia, said Russian Presidential Advisor for Economic Questions Andrey Illarionov in a press conference on October 3. He said that dozens of countries have much higher rates of carbon dioxide emissions and, nevertheless, are not required to limit these emissions. Illarionov said that the provisions of the treaty and resulting limits would stop economic growth in Russia. 'We must seriously consider this, especially if want to fulfil the President's goal of doubling the gross domestic product (GDP),' he said.

Illarionov said that the curved growth rate of the GDP increases correspondingly with growth of emissions of carbonic gases. He said that if Russia ratifies the treaty and fulfils the provisions and requirements up to 2050, the growth rate of the GDP will not be more than 2.5% per year. In order for Russia to double its GDP it must have 7% growth per year for ten years, said Illarionov.

He sceptically related to the possibility of Russia benefiting in economic terms from the provisions of the Kyoto Treaty. Furthermore, Illarionov said that the US and Australia have both declined to take part in the treaty protocol. Meanwhile, European countries and Japan at the present time are working out large-scale programs to reduce emission levels, but there economies are stagnating. Therefore, there simply won't be an interest in fulfilling quotas, said Illarionov. 'Adhering to the provisions of the Kyoto Treaty and achieving economic growth are incompatible,' he said.

Overall, Illarionov gave negative marks to the Kyoto Treaty. He said that the document has no scientific foundation, and the overstated growth rate of emissions of carbon dioxide 'dooms Russia to poverty, weakness and backwardness.' Moreover, the treaty will not be signed by all countries, which will make it even more ineffective. 'The goals of the Kyoto Treaty simply can not be attained because there is a number of countries which will not associate themselves with any type of limitations,' he said.

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