Anatoly Chubais: Russia should aim to create liberal empire in CIS

'Russia's ideology in the 21st century should be liberal capitalism with the aim of creating a liberal empire,' CEO of UES of Russia Anatoly Chubais announced today. Russia should provide assistance to other CIS countries as it has the highest standard of living and is the natural leader among CIS countries, he said. Mr Chubais added that 'Russian culture must be promoted along with the culture of its neighbouring countries, Russian business must be allowed to expand and the basic elements of freedom and democracy in Russia and the CIS must be protected.'

He envisages 'a ring of great democracies in the 21st century including the US, a united Europe, Japan and Russia at the centre of a liberal empire.' In Mr Chubais' opinion, 'this is the only way to cooperate with our partners on an equal footing and protect the peace and freedom in the world. This is the mission of our great country,' he stressed.

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