Moscow does not intend to resume debate on propriety of military action against Iraq

"Moscow has no intention to resume debate on whether the military action against Iraq should have been carried out nor whether Iraq had indeed stockpiled weapons or mass destruction. This issue is of solely historical interest now", a member of the Russian delegation at the Geneva-based talks on the new UN draft resolution on Iraq told RIA Novosti.

According to the Russian diplomat, it would be politically irresponsible to tell the Americans: "we forewarned you but you chose to have it your way, so deal with Iraq and its problems on your own now".

What is important for Russia at the moment is to agree that the disintegrating Iraq currently immersed in spiralling anarchy and lawlessness is a threat to all. The chaos in Iraq "is a terrible headache not only for the states that have occupied this country, it is also fraught with explosive consequences for the entire Middle East," the Russian diplomat said.

"What is currently at stake is security in the world's main oil-bearing region. That is why both Russia and Western Europe are interested in averting a catastrophe in Iraq," the Russian diplomat concluded.

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