Most Russians disapprove of Roman Abramovich's Chelsea purchase

Most Russians (54%) are aware that Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich has bought the English football club Chelsea. This was discovered by the Public Opinion fund while carrying out a survey on August 16 of 1500 Russians. Significantly more men (67%) were aware of the deal. 34% of these said they disapproved of the deal while 19% said it was a positive move. 41% of respondents did not say either way whether it was a positive move or not.

Of those in favour most said that the Russian entrepreneur should be allowed to spend his money as he likes while others believe it raises the prestige of Russia. A few people said they were simply happy that the money had been invested in sport, even though Mr Abramovich bought a foreign club and not a Russian one.

Those who disapprove of the deal (mostly supporters of the Communist party and people over 50) gave two reasons for their opinion. Firstly, they said that the money should have been invested in the domestic economy and they also claimed that the Russian entrepreneur had bought the English club with money that was made illegally.

Only 5% of all respondents said they now have more interest in the fate of Chelsea football club. On the other hand, only 5% said they now have less interest in the club. The vast majority of respondents said their interest in the club remains the same. However, while before only 2% of Russians supported Chelsea, 5% of Russians now say they will support the club.

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