Russia could become world leader for renewable energy

Russia's renewable energy resources are usually underestimated. This was the conclusion made by a group of experts from the International Energy Agency who prepared a report entitled Russia's potential renewable energy resources.

As Rosbalt was informed by the Eco-soglasie centre, the report will be published in Autumn 2003 although the International Energy Agency has already published a short summary of the report. The report describes Russia's potential for exploiting biomass, water resources, wind energy, solar energy and geothermal resources. The report claims that Russia has a great deal of renewable energy. The report also contains a number of measures that could be taken in terms of legislation in order to provide faster development in this industry.

'If Russia could use its huge scientific expertise to create a domestic market for renewable energy, it could eventually provide serious international competition in this area,' the report runs. They also mention that Russia is situated next to several 'energy-hungry' countries which are seeking to improve their environment and increase the current level of energy security. If Russia could provide a commercial market for renewable energy, over the coming decades it could come to supply electricity not only for itself but for Europe and China as well.