Russian Defence Minister informs Vladimir Putin about his trip to submarine disaster site

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov informed Russia's President Vladimir Putin about his two-day trip to the Murmansk region in connection with the latest K-159 submarine disaster. The Defence Minister completed his trip in the evening of August 31. The decommissioned K-159 submarine sank, while being towed to a local factory for subsequent recycling.

Talking to reporters, Ivanov confirmed the fact that the crew was unlikely to survive.

The K-159 sub, which was kept afloat by pontoons, went down in the early hours of August 31 three miles north-west of Kildin island. According to the Northern fleet's high command, a rope broke loose, depriving the sub of one pontoon. Ten sailors were staying aboard the submarine; only one of them was eventually picked up alive. Two dead sailors were located some time later. Search for other seven missing crewmen is still under way.