Russia's first terrorism prevention drill in means of transport

A special drill, acting out joint operations by the Russian power structures to prevent terrorism in transport, has been held on Saturday in Russia's Far East region. Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov among the observers. According to him, a drill of this kind has for the first time been held in Russia. Units of the Interior Ministry, army, Federal Security Service (FSB), Emergency Situations Ministry and railway troops were involved.

The scenario was: under the guise of track-repairmen, a group of "terrorists" penetrated into a strategic facility, a railway bridge, and planted explosives in several places. The guards detected the group and joined combat. After arrival of supporting forces, most of the "terrorists" were killed and two taken prisoners. The endangered civilian population was evacuated from the area.

It is just one episode of the Russian large-scale Pacific fleet exercise, which began last Tuesday. The defence minister said to journalists that the fleet was not involved in the "antiterrorist operation" but such drills in the Far Eastern region are very important for the power structures and the state authorities.

"The Far East is a strategically-sensitive area, which is of great importance for national security", stressed the Russian defence minister.

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