Vladimir Putin: World became more varied but less predictable

The possible proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism and drug trafficking are new challenges and threats facing the world, said Vladimir Putin.

At a time, there was a system of mutual deterrence between the two irreconcilable ideologies, said the head of state, noting it had done a lot of damage to the world economic development, and the welfare of millions of people on the planet.

The world has changed only thanks to joint efforts of many countries, Putin noted, adding that even this failed to solve all the problems. The world has become more varied but less predictable, said the head of state, as he was opening his Kremlin meeting with participants of the Interaction Council's session Monday.

"We are facing new threats, new difficulties and challenges. In the first place, it refers to the potential proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, international terrorism and drug trafficking," said Putin. "Half of the people across the world are living on the edge of poverty, over a billion of them have no potable water, and twice as many cannot use electricity." According to the president, "the gap between welfare and poverty is growing, and the majority of the world population think their interests are unfairly infringed upon.

"This is a huge explosive potential," said the president.

"It is impossible to recluse oneself inside a country, shifting the responsibility for these problems on other countries," said Putin. "Today, we all depend on each other," he remarked, "and can handle the threats through joint efforts.

"There can be no weekends or pauses in international relations, they require constant efforts and urgent decisions not only from the government and officials," said Vladimir Putin. In his opinion, this work should involve institutions of civil society and all people of good will.

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