Putin does not rule out introduction of state monopoly on sturgeon fish and caviar

Vladimir Putin does not rule out a possibility of introducing state monopoly on sturgeon fish and caviar.

"I do not rule it out that it is sensible," he said at a press conference in the Kremlin, when answering the question of a journalist from Astrakhan /the Lower Volga region, the sturgeon's habitat/. The correspondent complained that the stores had "a lot of falsified products." "I know, I have eaten it myself," the President joked.

However, "a monopoly, especially that of the state, is always dangerous," the Russian leader pointed out. "Yet taking into account the uniqueness of the situation and the fact that this natural sphere is very sensitive, I believe that a state monopoly can have good grounds," he said.

But the decision "should be worked out by specialists and experts," the President emphasized.

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