Vladimir Putin: Global Energy award very symbolic

Russian President Vladimir Putin considers the Global Energy awards in Russia very symbolic because the award was founded by Russia, which is one of the world energy market leaders. He made these remarks at a triumphant awards ceremony in Konstantinov palace on Sunday. Putin said there is no comparison in the world for this award.

'Large Russian energy companies supported the founding of the award, and understand the important role of science and new technology. The problem is a global one that requires a united international community in order to solve it,' said Putin. He said that providing energy resources is one of the main problems, therefore the award encourages the effective use of these resources. Moreover, he believes that a global dialogue on energy could help economic growth and decide critical energy-related problems. Putin said that the Global Energy awards will be prestigious in the future and its winners will be leaders in international cooperation.

The international Global Energy award was founded in Russia at the end of 2002 on the initiative of Russian Nobel prize-winning physicist Zhores Alferov. It is the first award of its kind which confers a prize for inventions and developments in the area of energy and power engineering. Gazprom, United Energy Systems, and Yukos supported the founding of the award.

240 foreign specialists and 160 Russian specialists were nominated for the award. Three specialists, Nick Holonyak, Gennady Mesyats and Jan Douglas Smith, won the award and read reports on their inventions in St. Petersburg on June 14.

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