Russian armed forces to get new flag

The State Duma, which is the Russian Parliament's lower house, passed the presidential bill on changing the flag of Russia's Armed Forces in the second reading and third (final) reading here today.

Specific amendments to the federal law "On The Banner Of The Russian Federation's Armed Forces, The Naval Banner, As Well As The Banners Of Other Armed Services And Other Military Formations" call for replacing the present-day scarlet banner with the red flag, which has an emblem on both sides.

The face side is to feature the state emblem, i.e. a two-headed golden eagle with his spread wide wings, a crown over each head, as well as the third big crown above. The chest of the eagle, which is holding the sceptre and the orb, depicts a silver horseman wearing a blue cape, who kills a black dragon with his silver spear.

Golden five-sided stars are depicted in each of the banner's four corners, that is, both on its face and reverse sides. The flag's contour is decorated with a woven golden ornament.

The flag's reverse side also features a two-headed eagle with folded wings, who is holding a sword and a laurel diadem in his claws. The word "Fatherland" is inscribed in its upper part; and the words "Duty And Honour" can be seen in its lower part.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov suggested changing the flag; his proposals were subsequently approved by the President. The new banner was based on 1883-vintage banners, as well as on early Red Army banners.

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