Russia to help USA, North Korea make it up

Russia is eager to promote cancellation of US-North Korean antagonisms, Alexander Yakovenko, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, said to newsmen.

Moscow is willing to come up as mediator to the extent to which its help is necessary. Russia and the USA are sovereign powers, and, naturally, they cannot see every matter in the world alike, yet they share goals on the Korean nuclear issue. Both countries are working for firm NCB nonproliferation guarantees in the Korea peninsula. They insist on the existing problems settled peacefully, and tensions reduced.

Russia established diplomatic relations with North Korea more than fifty years ago. A bilateral treaty of friendship, goodneighbourly relations and partnership was signed, February 2000. As for US-North Korean relations, they remain vague and unsettled to this day to leave an imprint on US Administration stances on developments in the two Koreas, pointed out the diplomat.

At any rate, the Korean peninsula leaves Russia and the USA far greater grounds for an alliance than what they had in Iraq, he added.

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