Russian Foreignmin sees similarities in the terrorist actions in Morocco, Chechnya and Saudi Arabia

The MO of the terrorist actions in Morocco, Chechnya and Saudi Arabia was the same, Alexander Yakovenko, spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said about the terrorist act in Morocco that claimed over 30 lives.

"The MO is the same and employs the use of suicide terrorists," he said. "These actions claim the life of innocent people of different confessions and nationalities. It is becoming increasingly apparent that after its defeat in Afghanistan international terrorism led by Al-Qaeda is again trying to go on the counteroffensive against the civilised world." The ministry spokesman recalled that "the Casablanca tragedy was preceded by barbarous terrorist attacks in Chechnya and Saudi Arabia." "In the small hours of May 17 one more country was attacked by international terrorists. This time the object of a well planned attack was Morocco," says the statement of the ministry spokesman.

A series of five explosions rocked Casablanca, Morocco's largest city. The attack was spearheaded at civilian institutions, in particular the Belgian Consulate, the Spanish and Jewish culture centres, and a hotel. Over 30 people died and nearly 70 were wounded in the explosions.

Moscow "firmly denounces the criminal action in Casablanca and expresses its sincere condolences to the leadership and people of Morocco and the near and dear of the deceased," said Yakovenko. "That international terrorism is becoming more active confirms that the international community must maximally consolidate its efforts to effectively and consistently fight this common evil that is threatening the stability and security of all countries and nations without exception." On May 12 a lorry filled with explosives was blown up by suicide terrorists in the village of Znamenskoye in Chechnya, killing 55 and wounding 199. On May 14 a woman terrorist blew herself up during a religious holiday in the Gudermes district of Chechnya, killing 18 and wounding 145. On May 15 suicide terrorists blew up several cars with explosives in Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, killing 29 and wounding 194.

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