Russian MP: Terrorist acts in Chechnya before Presidential address to Federal Assembly not coincidence

'There is no need to take any extreme measures in Chechnya besides raising the security level,' Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Sergei Mironov announced at a press conference today. He stressed that 'the Chechen people have already expressed their opinion in the referendum.' In Mr Mironov's opinion it is no coincidence that the terrorist acts happened on the eve of the presidential address to the Federation Council. 'These acts were carried out by those who oppose the clear and unambiguous bid for peace, which the Chechen people made in the referendum,' he said.

'Both of the terrorist acts in Chechnya were carried out by the same group of people,' Mr Mironov insisted. 'They are not defending Islam, they are terrorists with a different background and different motives. The trace of Al-Qaeda in Chechnya is already an undisputed fact. The location and time of the terrorist acts (the last one took place during an Islamic holiday) show that they were aimed at destroying the peace.' In Mr Mironov's opinion 'security levels should be increased but on the whole it is clear that Chechnya is preparing for the elections of a legitimate government and life is returning to normal.'

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