St. Petersburg Residents: 300th Anniversary Is Celebration for Political Elite

The majority of St. Petersburg residents (59%) believe that the city's forthcoming 300th anniversary will be a celebration exclusively for the political elite. According to a poll carried out among the city's residents, only 25% think that it will be a celebration for the whole city. A further 12% believe that it will be a celebration for the whole country.

44% of those polled believe that preparations for the jubilee are 'mediocre,' with a further 28% of the opinion that preparations are 'going extremely badly.' Only 23% of the city's residents hold the opposite view.

33% of local residents think that 'too much' money is being spent on the forthcoming jubilee, 23% believe that 'not enough' is being spent, and only 21% believe that the right amount is being spent.

1,000 people took part in the poll, which was carried out on April 11-16.

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