Lonely ally of “a lonely super power”

The USA, “a lonely super power”, is being criticized by anyone who feels like it. The heaviest waves of criticism have overwhelmed the Arab world and Europe. However, British Prime Minister Anthony Blair is still the only man, at least the only influential one, on the old continent who everywhere and always stands up for the USA. Blair’s efforts designed to protect the transoceanic ally are so much overwhelming that sometimes are even ridiculed in western media.

Popular music star George Michael in his new music video represented the British prime minister as a dog serving the US President. The same video represents Anthony Blair as a captain of a Britain-shaped vessel. Trying to get closer with America, he understands perfectly well that his vessel is linked to Europe with a thick anchor chain.

Anthony Blair takes little notice of such parodies, as he firmly believes that his main objective is to protect America from angry Europeans. In his recent interview to the Prospect monthly magazine he once again actively spoke in support of “a special kind of relations” that connect Great Britain and the USA, and asked European allies give up their complaints about US’s domination in the world. The Prime Minister called America “the power of good” and once again supported US’s threats in Iraq’s address, United Press International informs. In Blair’s words, America’s position in the world is really very special. This is probably the reason why some people exaggerate meaning of the words Americans usually say: “We don’t care what the rest of the world is thinking about us.” Blair says, some right-wing forces want to separate Anglo-Saxon and European cultures; they want to sever relations with America because of their anti-Americanism. “But neither these, nor those are right in fact. When Europe and America stick together, the world is safer and more stable. When they are separated, the world turns into a rather dangerous place,” the British prime minister says. Mister Blair is very much surprised with the statement made by European Commission President Romano Prodi saying that Britain is to face the choice whether it remains with America or with Europe. Blair thinks it is silly to make Britain face such a choice. This would weaken its power and the role it can perform on both sides of the Atlantic. The European Union, the prime minister says, may become a strong power if it concentrates more on its own projects and gives up growling at Washington.

Besides, Blair’s opinion is that the rest of the world should know who is speaking on the United Europe’s behalf. He suggests, a six-month system of the EU leadership rotation should be substituted with a five-year service of a EU leader. United Press International informs, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and Anthony Blair himself are among possible candidates to the post of a EU leader. It is not ruled out that Blair’s attitude to the USA will slightly change if the idea is approved and the post of the EU leader will be given to Britain to attach it closer to Europe. However, the British prime minister still keeps on strengthening relations with the transoceanic “big brother”. Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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