Brazil and Columbia strengthen ties

The new President of Columbia, Alvaro Uribe Perez, visits Brasilia for talks with Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Measures to strengthen regional cooperation, increase trade and end the Columbian civil war, are on the table.

Elected on 26th May, the new President of Columbia, Alvaro Uribe Velez, declared on his arrival in Brasilia that “We are neighbours, who need to unite and integrate more and more”.

Bilateral agreements on trade and a regional integration package involving roads, canals and waterways, electricity supply, the environment and regional peace are expected to be signed, along with wider agreements on coffee.

The two largest coffee producers in South America are to increase trade in coffee beans with China. Regarding the environment, the region of Amazonia is under discussion, with measures to control the habitat and end the destruction of the area under discussion.

Joint stock companies will be set up between the two countries in a public-private mix of capitals to undertake regional development programmes in the construction of more roads, canals, waterways and to increase the supply of electricity to rural regions.

Finally, the possible involvement of Brazil as a peace-broker in the Columbian Civil war will be another of the points on the discussion table between Presidents Cardoso and Velez.


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