Heilong arrives at the south Kurils exhausted

The typhoon known as the Heilong has reached the South Kurils exhausted, having used up its power on Japan and the Philippines, reported the administration of the Sakhalin region. Moreover, mighty air flows from the continent have influenced the tropical typhoon, forcing it into a low-pressure area off the Kuril Islands.

Arriving at the South Kurils, the exhausted typhoon brought rain and wind with a force of 20 mpsec. By the time it reached Sakhalin it was weaker still, bringing nothing but a brief spell of drizzling rain on the coast of Primorye and Khabarovsk territories.

In the meantime, Sakhalin is busy liquidating the consequences of the previous typhoon called the Chataan. Four days ago, it interrupted traffic movement between the towns of Makarov and Poronaisk, washing out a large pit 15 meters wide and more than 10 meters deep right in the middle of the highway. Emergency teams that work on the spot round the clock promise to complete restoration works on Thursday. Many kilometres of the highway on both sides of the pit are blocked with cars waiting to get across. Drivers and passengers have lighted bonfires on the seashore and spend their time cooking and drying their clothes.

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