Al Qaeda may target Hollywood

It is quite natural that, having learnt experience of the Sept.11 terrorist attacks, Americans are now more attentive to problems of their security. The previous terrorist attacks taught US authorities and special services to treat any information about possible terrorist attack seriously.

This time extraordinary security measures are being taken at important objects in California. Protective police cordons have been established to check autos driving up the famous Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, number of guards has been also considerably increased at famous Disneyland, Hollywood film studios and other Californian places of interest.

The extraordinary measures are connected with arrest of a Syrian and two Spaniards in Spain, the men are suspected of connection with bin Laden’s organization. Video tapes with bridges and buildings in US cities have been discovered during searches at the men’s houses. The WTC towers destroyed on Sept.11, Statue of Liberty and Chicago’s Sears tower are recorded on the tapes. Video of US bridges, Golden Gate including, was specially focused on the piers and suspensions. US special services are sure that ordinary tourists would hardly focus so much on such details, not to mention a detailed video shooting. It is not clear yet how long the extraordinary security measures will last; in any case, the police will be on alert until the three arrested men in Spain are under examination. The US authorities mentioned the possibility of more terrorist attacks several times already, however, unlike in this very case, the statements were not so well grounded. A question thus arises: how powerful is bin Laden-set organization that the USA with its great abilities still fails to destroy it? Where is the next alarm signal to sound?

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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