Perejil or Leila

The conflict between Spain and Morocco regarding Perejil Island continues. The Moors who invaded the island do not intend to leave. And, for the time being, it is not known who occupies the island. At first, the question was about gendarmes, later, about marines.

However, this is not so important. The really important question is what will be the final. The paniards deployed to Perejil almost a half of their Navy forces. However, they cannot decide to evict Moors by force. Madrid is afraid of negative reaction of the world community and in particular of Arab countries. All the more that representatives of the European Union declined the possibility of military interference, as if all the events are a question between Spain and Morocco.

This encouraged the Moors very much. Foreign minister of Morocco Mohammed Benaissa said that Leila Island (i.e. Perejil) had always been a part of Morocco territory. History gives many facts that prove this. This might just be the truth. However, the island has belonged to Spain since 1668. And for this version, there are many facts as well. If Spain does not solve this problem, this could be a very dangerous precedent. And what if the Moors decide to annex in the same way Sebta and Melilia, which although situated in Africa, belong to Spain?

The Spaniards do not know what to do with Moors in Madrid. Though, they bring themselves to evic them by force. They can only hope for the help of the European Union, which does not want to engage in the conflict.

It looks like the NATO leadership has changed its position on the conflict. At least, NATO Secretary General George Robertson reported to Spanish representative of the Alliance Juan Prat that NATO had demanded that Morocco to withdraw its forces from the island.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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