The Pentagon will not wait for war with Iraq for long

At least one man was killed and seven were wounded by attacks of the US and British air forces against south Iraq, a spokesman for the Iraqi air forces informed. It was added that the victims were civilians; the war planes attacked civil objects. In response, the Iraqi air defense forces opened fire and made the US-British planes return to the Saudi and Kuwait bases. The Pentagon has not yet confirmed the incidents in the “no-fly zones.”

Yesterday, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfovitz announced that the US administration has not yet developed a plan to overthrow Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. However, as Reuters reports, the Pentagon will not wait for long.

In Paul Wolfovitz’ words, the USA is not going to sit and wait until Iraq delivers its blow. “Sept.11 is incomparable with consequences of chemical or biological attacks,” Paul Wolfovitz said. Iraq is also taking measures in this respect. Hussein’s eldest son, Uday, warned the father of coming attacks from the USA and asked him to prepare the Iraqi people for war, France Presse informs. Uday said in an official address to the Iraqi parliament: “The population is to be psychologically and technically ready for a war even harder that that one of 1991.” Hussein’s eldest son urges the government to strengthen security measures and at the same time supply the population with necessary foodstuffs to avoid incidents similar to events before the Gulf War, when rebellions of Kurds in northern Iraq and Shiites in the south broke out simultaneously.

In Uday’s words, the strongest blow will be delivered from the territories of Iran and Turkey, “the historical enemies for Iraq.” However, Uday also believes that Mideast monarchies, such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait will help the USA in the anti-Iraq war.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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