Sakhalin restores railway and highways after Chataan

Sakhalin is fixing the railway tracks and highways that were ruined by a devastating typhoon known as the Chataan. It is expected that emergency repairs will be completed by Tuesday evening.

According to the Far Eastern Regional Center of the Russian emergencies ministry, the typhoon dealt a heavy blow to the Makarov and Nevelsk districts, which had to endure a monthly norm of precipitation in a matter of two days. In the Makarov district, heavy showers washed away dozens of tons of earth from a mountain road, bringing it all down on the railway tracks. Trackmen have been repairing the tracks round the clock ever since. The highway connecting Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Sakhalin's northernmost town of Okha was partially damaged too. At one point, showers washed out a large pit in the middle of the highway; in other places, the road was blockaded by mud torrents. Emergency teams are also fixing torn power lines.

In the meantime, Sakhalin and the Kurils are expecting yet another typhoon, the Heilong, which is the third typhoon visiting the area in July. At this moment, it is moving across the Japanese islands in the northeastern direction. By July 18, it will bring heavy showers and a strong gale down on the Kurils.

According to weather forecasts, the typhoon will brush past Sakhalin and Primorye, bringing a brief spell of rainy weather. A heavier blow will be dealt on the Kurils and Kamchatka, both of which are expecting the typhoon on July 19.

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