Vladimir Zhirinovsky's address in Brighton beach cancelled

Organisers cancelled the address by notorious Russian politician, State Duma Vice Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky in New York. This was regarded as a failed sensation.

According to the bill of the Millennium Theatre (Brookline), Zhirinovsky's address before the Russian-speaking community in Brighton should have taken place between the performances "Tevje the Milkman" by famous Jewish writer Sholom Alejhem (1859-1916), who lived in Russia, and "Our Decameron - XXI" on August 18.

The prices for tickets on "the sensation of the season" - the meeting between "one of the most extraordinary Russian politicians and his former compatriots" - ranged between 30-35 dollars. Taking into account the Brighton residents' curious attitude to Zhirinovsky, the house of 2,000 seats should have been full, and the commercial success of the meeting was doubtless.

Zhirinovsky's "hard character" prejudiced the success of the undertaking, a source among the organisers of Zhirinovsky's tour told a RIA Novosti correspondent. According to other information, the US authorities again banned his entry.

The previous attempt to organise Zhirinovsky's address in the United States was taken some two years ago, "but was a failure through the fault of the US Department of State", RIA Novosti's source said.

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