Chairman Arafat in trouble: U.S. accuses him of stealing Saudi Cash

According to several middle eastern sources, Yasser Arafat transferred a total of 5 million dollars to his wife's bank account in Paris. With his people living in such terrible conditions, this seems bad enough, but it gets worse. The money that was transferred was Saudi money, given as aid to the Palestinian people.

Now unless Suha Arafat is on welfare, Arafat has a lot of explaining to do. The U.S. is already on his heels, wanting him and ignoring him for the past several weeks. Israel has been working hard on making him look corrupt - something that wasn't hard to do, considering.

To make matters worse, the U.S. claims today that head Arafat Assistant, Abu Mazen, is also responsible for stealing much of the PA aid funds, using his brother's bank accounts to funnel the cash.

Gil Eyal PRAVDA.Ru

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