Far-Eastern ecologists save exhausted tiger cub in Taiga

Ecologists of the Tiger detachment, formed for protection of this rare animal and its habitats, saved an exhausted tiger cub. The ecologists didn't find any traces of the tigress. It might have been killed by poachers, the Far-Eastern natural resources department said on Monday. The tiger cub will be taken for treatment and rehabilitation to the Utyos centre of wild animals' rehabilitation, created by ecologists with the support of local authorities in Sikhote-Alin spurs.

A tiger, 17 bear cubs, who lost their parents, elks and other wild animals, who were found sick or wounded in taiga, undergo rehabilitation at the Utyos centre.

The experts are trying to find out the causes for the tigress's disappearance. Two weeks ago a man was badly injured by a tiger in the region, where the cub was found, and is in hospital now.

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