New September 11th is coming

The anniversary of the terror attack on America is coming closer. Terrorists are planning another series of attacks on American, British, and Israeli objects. Intelligence services of Great Britain, South Asia and Middle East countries possess such information.

The Observer has recently published an article called “Bin Laden plans fresh terror for September.” Interceptions of terrorists’ conversations, the information from interrogations allows to come to certain conclusions. The British intelligence managed to fix that negotiations between Al-Qaeda’s departments in different countries of the world had become a lot more frequent. Great Britain is the third country on the list of terrorists’ objects. The USA and Israel come first.

The newspaper cited the data, which were obtained in Pakistan. Pursuant to that information, Al-Qaeda guerrillas were given three months to prepare for acts of terrorism against Western interests in the region. One of Al-Qaeda leaders Abu Zubaydah, who was arrested in Pakistan in March, confessed during interrogations and said that his organization was going to perform a series of large acts of terrorism.

Time tried to find out, if Britain was sheltering Abu Qatada – the spiritual leader of Al-Qaeda. His track was lost last December, after the British government confiscated his passport, froze his accounts and took him under custody. But Qatada has to save his life from a possibility of life imprisonment in Jordan, which asks for his delivery, so it is very probable that he is far beyond Great Britain. Time offered its own version regarding the terrorist’s location, with references to anonymous information from high-ranking representatives of European intelligent services. The magazine wrote that Abu Qatada was taken to a safe place in the north of England, where he is currently living with his family on the funds of the British intelligence. As it was agreed, Abu Qatada is deprived of an opportunity to contact extremists in London and Europe, yet at the same time, he cannot be arrested or expelled from the country, since nobody knows, where he is located officially.

This situation is good for the British government, Great Britain is afraid of the possible revenge on the part of Al-Qaeda in the event that the government uses countermeasures against Abu Qatada. The leaders of the British special services refused to comment on this information.

USA Today wrote that Al-Qaeda, Hamas and other Islamic organizations were improving their positions on the Internet. They use the cyberspace for preparing Jihad against the West. American security services believe that the Internet has become one of the major means of communication for Al-Qaeda members. Furthermore, working in the cyberspace, Al-Qaeda & Co. are going a little ahead of the USA in the war with terror. They plan attacks on the net, conduct their propaganda, recruit new members, run operations to attract money and so on. USA Today wrote that FBI agents could not get cyber-terrorists, because the majority of the information is written in Arabic and encoded. There is encoded information in digital photographs, and it is almost impossible to decode it.

American special services are sure that the leading terrorist organizations are busy with planning new attacks on American objects. Hundreds of digital photographs and encoded messages were sent on the net by Al-Qaeda extremists from Internet cafes in Pakistan. This transmission has doubled over the recent months. Therefore, American special services cannot really fight terrorists.

There are no laws in democratic America to shut down websites. The government can only act via providers, but if a provider bans a site, then the site-owners will easily find another one. Big deal.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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