Australia: We’ll attack Saddam

Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer indicated today he supports military action against Iraq.

Australia seems almost certain to send troops to join a US-led assault on Iraq after Foreign Minister Alexander Downer warned Baghdad was a Nazi-style regime which could not be appeased. In Washington for talks on trade and the war on terror, Mr Downer voiced strong support for US President George W Bush's threat to use all means available to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

"A policy of appeasement is a policy that is going to allow Saddam Hussein to continue to develop weapons of mass destruction," Mr Downer told ABC Radio.

"He's used these weapons against the Iranians, he's used them against his own people, he has a record.

"I think only a fool would support a policy of appeasement and just hope that by saying nothing more or doing about Iraq and Saddam Hussein the whole problem will go away."

Henry Marconi PRAVDA.Ru Sydney

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