President Putin to set new tasks to Russia's Ambassadors

President Vladimir Putin will participate in the conference of the Ambassadors and permanent representatives to be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Foreign Minister of Russia Igor Ivanov said in an exclusive interview given to RIA Novosti. According to him, the president of Russia "will set to Russian diplomacy new tasks ensuing from the assessment of the present-day international situation and the specifics of the present stage of Russia's development". An analysis of how the Concept of Foreign Policy of Russia, approved by the president two years ago, is being put into practice will be made. As the Minister stressed, the "speech president of Russia Vladimir Putin is expected to make at the conference will be the central event".

The problems of strategic stability and international security will be considered in detail at the conference of the Ambassadors. The Minister of Foreign Affairs noted that these problems would be considered, "specifically from the standpoint of the implementation of the Strategic Offensive Reductions Treaty and the other accords with the USA". The head of Russian diplomacy also said that the questions of the further development of international cooperation in the struggle against the new global threats and challenges would be an important theme of the conference. Igor Ivanov noted that "considering the multivector character of the Russian foreign policy, our priorities both in the West and in the East will be discussed at the conference".

In it intended to pay special attention to the questions of improving "economic diplomacy" as a major instrument of integration of Russia into the world economy. The head of Russian diplomacy noted that "at the present stage the process of deep transformation of international relations has dramatically intensified, and the challenges of the globalisation epoch have become substantially aggravated". In the Minister's opinion, all this "requires serious comprehension from the point of view of the Russian foreign-policy interests".

Ivanov pointed out that first of all fuller use of the possibilities to strengthen the country's international positions, which opened up due to increased internal political stability and the favourable economic situation, will be dealt with at the conference.

Alongside the top officials of the Foreign Ministry and the Ambassadors, representatives of the deputies' corps and of the federal Ministries and departments, and the president's plenipotentiary representatives in the federal districts will participate in the conference to be held under the motto Russian Foreign Policy: Traditions and New Tasks in Conditions of Globalisation.

The latest conference of this kind was held sixteen years ago.

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