Poster war continues: one man killed

Early today, a tragic accident similar to the one in Siberia, near Tomsk two days ago, occurred in the city of Baltiisk, in the Kaliningrad region today early. However, this time, one man was killed. An unidentified explosive device detonated at the central naval base in Baltiisk at 7:00 am, Moscow time, Wednesday. A 50-year-old man was walking his dog and saw a sign with obscene words. When the man tried to remove the poster, the explosive device detonated, killing him. A woman standing by the man’s side was also wounded by the explosion. She was delivered to the reanimation ward of the municipal hospital.

This time, the poster had no anti-Semite statements; law enforcement authorities say that it was a planned act of revenge. At the same time, the target of this revenge is not mentioned. Is it the man who walked the dog?

Right after the explosion in the Tomsk region, local police announced that it considered the poster with anti-Semitic writing to be mere malicious hooliganism, nothing more. Today, it was reported that a criminal case was initiated on the basis of Russia’s Criminal Code article #205 (terrorism). Therefore, it is not ruled out that a criminal case will be instituted in the Kaliningrad region as well. This was the third explosive sign with an anti-Semitic message during the past two months. As a result, three people were wounded, and one died. What will happen next?

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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