From Russian seaboard to Albion, the way of British discoverer Richard Chanceler

It was reported already that Russian seaboard historians and yachtsmen had decided to carry out a navigation by the route of British seafarer Richard Chanceler: in 16th century, this navigator arrived in Russia by the ship Eduardo Bonaventura; this event initiated official relations between Russia and Great Britain.

After having left the city of Arkhangelsk June 27, the cruising yacht Aginei captained by Viktor Kuznetsov, which was moving towards Aberdine, Scotland, while sailing free, passed through gullet of White Sea and already by July 2 came to Norwegian seaboard.

The travel cannot be called an easy walk through northern seas. Unfortunately, satellite connection, from unknown reasons, does not work onboard. Last report from captain Viktor Kuznetsov arrived already from Norwegian seaboard, after his yacht had already stood the storm. The strength of wind was so powerful, that the sail of Aginei could not bear it, so the crew should search for a cover in a bay on Norwegian seaboard. As Viktor Kuznetsov reported to PRAVDA.Ru correspondent by telephone, Aginei had passed the most northern point of the route – the cape Nordcap and was moving along Norwegian seaboard to Tromse harbour, where the yachtsmen would probably make a stoppage. PRAVDA.Ru correspondent wished good luck.

Apropos, the day before yesterday, from Northern Dvina River delta one more unique expedition started: 216 students of St Petersburg and Seaboard colleges will go by 6-scull yawls the route Archangelsk – White Sea – White-Sea-Baltic Channel – Lake Onega – Svir River – Ladoga Lake – Neva River. The travel will last for 66 days, while the whole length of the route will make 800 miles (about 1,485 km). The expedition is called in a symbolic way: From Vikings to Peter I.

Vitaly Bratkov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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