Jews beware! Road signs are deadly

Today’s incident in the Tomsk region has not raised much interest, unlinke the tragedy on May 27, when Moscow citizen Tatiana Sapunova tried to remove a poster with anti-Semitic writing on it. Needless to say, it did not even occur to her that the poster might be mined. It turned out it that it was. As a result, the young woman was seriously injured; she almost lost her eyes. However, Tatiana Sapunova became a hero afterwards, she was awarded a decoration, and she was treated in a very good hospital. Anyway, the question does not have an answer: who made the poster, and how come it stood for 12 hours with nobody paying attention to it, not even police officers?

Several other similar posters appeared in Russia in June and July: in Moscow, in Vladivostok (the Far East), Krasnoyarsk, and now in the Tomsk region.

A poster was found on a road side at about midday, Moscow time. Alexander Konyukhov (52) and Sergey Bogushevich (34) were driving on the outskirts of Tomsk when they saw the anti-Semitic poster, which was fixed to aroad sign. They tried to take it off, but a bomb blew up, allegedly, a grenade. Sergey Bogushevich had his legs injured, but Alexander Konyukhov suffered no injuries. Bogushevich’s state of health is satisfactory.

The Tomsk region police reported that the poster was placed there on Sunday night (which was the Ivan Kupala religious holiday in Russia, or the Witch holiday, as it is called). Police officers think that someone decided to celebrate the holiday this way.

It is curious that law-enforcement bodies are more drawn to think about the incident as a trick of hooligans than an act of terrorism. The chief of the regional security department Valery Uymanov stated that the guys could have been injured more seriously , but the bomb was fixed to blast in the opposite direction, which is why the action can be classified as hooliganism and not an act of terrorism.

There are too many such hooligans in Russia now. Well, since law-enforcement bodies say that there are no fascist groups in Russia now, then what can be said about these posters? Mined posters…

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Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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