Secrets of presidential PR revealed

Russian scientists who worked on the public security concept under Boris Yeltsin decided to reveal some secrets of the PR-campaigns organized for incumbent President Vladimir Putin. An implacable opposition that existed under Boris Yeltsin blamed masonry, the CIA, and the Mossad of all problems experienced by Russia. Nowadays, traditional masonry is becoming extinct; the CIA is in search for Islamic terrorists, and the Mossad is chasing Arafat’s confidants. “Everyone is working for oneself to the extent of one’s own understanding, but to the extent of one’s unawareness – to those who understand more,” sayings similar to this are often mentioned in analytical notes signed by a collective conceptual pseudo name “USSR’s internal predictor.”

In this connection, the recent press conference of President Putin comes to mind. The surroundings of the press conference were extraordinary: a semicircular amphitheatre-type hall for the press, and the president was sitting in the center (like behind a podium). Cameras were directed from above at the journalists, but from below – to Vladimir Putin. It produced the impression that the wise president was soaring over the hall. To tell the truth, the journalists asked somewhat trivial and simple questions at that press conference. On the contrary, President Putin’s answers were extensive and precise, so that it even seemed that the president was very clever compared to the best representatives of the mass media(in the West, mass media, the so-called fourth power, is sometimes considered more important than the first power). In a word, the president was riding high on that day.

In addition, the press conference was televised on June 24, the day when St. John the Baptist's Day celebrated in the West. It is a holiday of masonry, on which the so-called “world leadership” is based. Does this mean that President Putin held the press conference to jeer at this mighty “world leadership?"

Here is one more example of a conceptual PR. Let us take the press conference held by Russian and American presidents after the recent Moscow summit. George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin stood against the background of the Russian state emblem. It is to be added that the emblem is very intricate: in addition to the main coat of arms with George the Victorious on it, there are eleven additional coats of arms of a smaller size. The national emblem of the Polish empire and the Grand Duchy of Finland are among them. Does not it seem to be an allusion to restoration of the great Empire? Probably, it is.

During the press conference, President Bush stood to the side of the national emblem where Archangel Michael, warrior and the chief divine marshal, is traditionally depicted. On the contrary, President Putin stood to the side where peace loving Gabriel is traditionally depicted. Very few people paid attention to the background symbolism; however, it was even more important than the words that were spoken.

Therefore, there is reason for the West to prick up its ears: President Putin is not so simple as Boris Yeltsin was. In any case, presidential PR is now cleverer, more precise, and conceptual than the opposition, western, and fundamental PR.

Andrey Mikhailov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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