A way to get rid of diabetes: exercises, not medicines

PRAVDA.Ru opened the problem of diabetes treatment with its article Diabetes can be cured. Today sports physiologist Svetlana Kasatkina, one of the creators of a new method for diabetes treatment, is PRAVDA.Ru guest.

- Russia’s science dealing with diabetes is deprived of one significant part of treatment. Sports medicine makes up only 15 or 20 hours in training doctors curing diabetes, it is not enough. As of now medical sports technologies have achieved astonishing results! Unfortunately, Russia is not ranked among countries civilized from a medical point of view. According to the World Health Organization, Russia is ranked 130th after savage African countries as concerning this problem. We are close to Honduras.

Sports physiology is based on decrees of nature, that can’t be ignored. Scandals have recently outburst about science studying diabetes. We published a booklet under the title “Diabetes treatment granted by nature.” Many interesting facts are published in it. One doctor knows how to relieve insulin dependence; but the knowledge means that he can be stripped of his diploma and license. At the same time, diabetes is successfully cured according to his method.

Our methods of diabetes treatment were first mentioned in 1997. One woman, one of those who used to be suffering from diabetes, told her recovery story on NTV Russian television. The booklet we published tells many stories about happy recovery from diabetes.

Method we use to struggle with diabetes is not exactly curing, because we train and resort to pedagogical methods, not medical ones. Now we address mass media to use a unique chance the state has got to test our sports methods and help people suffering from diabetes recover. It is very interesting to mention that sport is recommended for diabetes curing. We are Russia’s pioneers to start the sports methods for diabetes treatment, nobody has ever worked on it in this country.

Why exactly now?

- Nowadays number of high-class specialists, doctors and sportsmen is considerably greater than some time ago. These are people who had emigrated from Russia, they now can get important financial guarantees from abroad. Tests will take about three years, then dozens of years will be devoted to observations. So, the sooner we start testing the method, the better.

However, there is a special condition: for successful realization of the project public organizations, relatives and parents of children suffering from diabetes should unite to control financing we receive for the project’s realization.

The problem is really very serious. How many people in Russia suffer from diabetes?

- Russia’s Health Ministry says, officially registered number of people suffering from diabetes makes up 200,000. The problem is that great number of people also suffering from diabetes will not register at all. The people simply do not rely upon Russian medicine. According to the World Health Organization, the amount makes up 9,100 thousand people, but unofficial figure is 15 million people. 85% of the people are not insulin dependent. However, both, insulin dependent and independent people suffer from similar complications.

Whom do you call insulin independent people? Can they live without medicines at all?

- Insulin dependent people can’t live without the medicine because the organism does not produce insulin of its own. Insulin producing cells are either destroyed or simply absent. Children are as a rule insulin dependent. Insulin independent people are those whose organism produces insulin but does not assimilate it. Sometimes tests even reveal too high insulin content.

What are other traditional methods for insulin curing?

- Pills can be taken, but they simultaneously affect liver and kidneys, the pills stimulate excessive insulin ejection. It is not good for health, by the way.

When insulin is too excessive, the cells start liquidating or reducing activity of the receptors. It means, doctors make insulin ejection even greater. As a result, people may die of it.

Our method includes only athletic exercises and special diets, we have developed special ones that make work of the cells regular. Already within the first week when people start doing the exercises they throw their sugar-containing pills.

There are three causes of diabetes that at the same time suggest simple ways to cure diabetes. The first reason is chemistry of the beta-cell and organism on the whole. If the cell is short of some substances and contains something unnecessary, the cell itself is suffering. It means, circulation of the blood is to be improved. Sports methods can be used for this, and no medicine. Next, nutrition and consequently the whole digestion system are to be changed. It is to be done for the organism to assimilate all nutrients.

Second: cell’s physical qualities, its ability to produce energy. It depends upon amount of mitochondria, special structures of the cell where energy is produced. If amount of mitochondria is not sufficient enough, the cell fails to carry out its functions. This is because humans have practically given up physical activity in the evolution process; decrees of nature were violated at that. To live a normal life people are to move, receive and spend energy actively. It is designed by the nature itself. If the rule is not observed, the organism activates self-destruction mechanisms. Different diseases appear, not only diabetes. On the contrary, special training and exercises can improve beta-cell condition and functions of the organism.

The third cause of diabetes is condition of the central nervous system. Fear or anger also affect the beta-cell.

We have found out a way to improve chemistry of the cell with the help of nutrition, and normalize its physical condition with the help of movements. And finally, the task of control and suppression of negative emotions is also possible. This is our help to people suffering from diabetes.

To be continued

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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