Independence Day: joy mixed with fear

Tomorrow, the USA will celebrate its most important holiday: Independence Day. Organizers of the celebration say the show will be unforgettable not only for Americans but also for guests who have come especially for the celebration from different parts of the world. On the whole, Independence Day celebrations are usually on a grand scale, but, this year, the celebration is to be very special.

Number one terrorist Osama bin Laden warns new terrorist acts may occur on July 4. This year, each American family waits in fear. However, the celebration will still take place, because America feels solidarity on this day.

This year, security measures are especially strong in Washington, where main celebrations are traditionally held. Chief of the capital's police Terrance Gainer says that extraordinary security measures will be implemented for the celebrations near the activities held near the US Congress building. According to provisional data, over 500,000 people will gather in the center of Washington on Thursday. The territory where the festivities are to be held is being fenced now, and special passages for police are also provided. The police will search the people wishing to watch the celebration. Twenty-four special check points have been installed to allow people to the the Congress building. Over 3,600 policemen will maintain order in the center of Washington during the celebration.

Dogs trained to search for explosives will be involved to make security measures tougher. All automobile parking lots in close vicinity to the festivity area are to be closed for the time of the celebration. Airspace within a radius of 15 km of the Capitol is banned for flights. War planes will patrol Washington from the air.

This information was provided by US Customs Service official spokesman Vincent Bond in San Diego on Tuesday. In Bond’s words, the customs department is in a state of alert in connection with the danger of more terrorist attacks. A special center for the coordination of police, ambulance services, and rescue teams in emergency situations was set up in San Diego on Tuesday.

Therefore, America is ready for possible terrorist attacks. Osama bin Laden, the man who might be among the organizers of tomorrow's celebration, is also ready for more attacks.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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