Transport Minister tells Vladimir Putin about investigation of air disaster in German skies

Russia's Transport Minister Sergei Frank has told Vladimir Putin of the progress in the investigation of an air disaster that occurred in the skies above Germany, the minister said after a meeting with the head of state.

Vladimir Ustinov, Russia's Prosecutor-General, had been invited to attend.

According to Frank, the president wanted to know how the work was proceeding, what was the amount of information available on the tragedy's causes, and also the minister's ideas for further organisation of work, including with German partners.

The minister emphasised that in order to give an answer to the question about the true reasons for the catastrophe it is necessary to analyse the actions of both the plane crews and air traffic controllers.

According to Frank, nothing but an all-sided analysis of the overall control means will yield the actual cause of the tragedy.

The minister reported to the president that at 11.00 on Wednesday a Russian commission to look into the causes of the catastrophe started work in Germany.

Putin said that in the course of yesterday's telephone conversation German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder assured him that "everything necessary will be done to carry out an objective investigation". The German side is also prepared to render any assistance to arriving relatives of the dead.

Frank stressed that German opposite numbers are offering cooperation at the level of all ministries involved. "For the present the working group has all schedules agreed," the minister said.

According to him, "the atmosphere is one of serious and all-round analysis" of the catastrophe's causes.

Relatives of the dead will fly to Germany before long, the minister said.

In the course of the meeting Putin also wanted to hear about the role of the Russian prosecutor's office.

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