The jet crash was caused by a decision that should have saved them

The new version of the jet collision in Germany: a mistake of the flight control officers. The Spanish state radio, Radio 5, reported that the collision between the Tu-154 and Boeing-757 planes occured because of a command that they received from the ground: both crews were ordered to reduce their flight levels. Then, Radio 5 said that “the reason for the jet crash was a decision that should have saved them.”

According to the Spanish news agency EFE, “the Swiss side unofficially advised their colleagues about the mess, which allegedly became the reason of the tragedy. The catastrophe took place five minutes after the Tu-154 Russian plane left the German air control zone and entered the airspace of the Swiss authorities.”

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti cited a journalist of Spanish National Radio: “No one could believe that there were only two people of the crew in such a big jet, only two pilots: a Canadian and an Englishman.” Yury Averyanov, the spokesman of the Russian State Civil Aviation Service, believes that the collision happened due to incorrect actions of the flight control officers. Averyanov stated that the planes were flying at one and the same height, along crossing routes: “This was not actually a violation; it is a common thing.” Flight control officers are supposed to control the flights in such situation, but this didn't happn, and a special committee will investigate why. Averyanov supposed that recent strikes of flight control officers coulc have shown a negative influence on their work.

Pursuant to the specified information, there were 12 members of the crew and 57 passengers on board the Tu-154: five adults, 38 children under 16 years old, eight children under 12, and one person of 20 years of age. The ages of five other people are not known yet. All aboard died.

Sources in the capital of the republic of Bashkiria, Ufa, reported that the majority of youngsters that died in the crash were the children of high-ranking officials from the presidential administration and the cabinet of ministers of the republic.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Moscow region instituted criminal proceedings in connection of the air crash in Germany (the Tu-154, Bashkiria Airlines, left for Spain from Domodedovo Airport, Moscow region). The reasons for the tragedy will be investigated in association with Bashkiria’s prosecuting bodies. The so-called black boxes of the both planes have already been found. Their decoding is supposed to shed more light on the horrible air crash.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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