Hunting season on foreigners opened in Saudi Arabia

Bombs placed under the cars of American and British citizens were discovered in the capital of Saudi Arabia. As of now, Saudi police are investigating the origins of the explosives.

“On June 29, an American working at the King Faisal hospital discovered a suspicious device in his car at the moment when he wanted to start the engine,” a statement circulated by the Embassy reported. According data from the Saudi police, the device turned out to be an explosive device. Another object that caused suspicion was found in an Englishman’s car.

On June 20, Englishman Simon John Fense died in Er Riyadh due to an explosive device placed in his car. A series of similar attacks against foreigners started in Saudi Arabia 1.5 years ago. Then, the police were inclined to explain the attacks with the activity of the alcohol mafia, because the sale of alcohol drinks is banned in Saudi Arabia.

Today’s events have completely ruled out the alcohol mafia version. Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda is coming to the forefront in this case.

This version is confirmed by a recent scandal that broke out in the kingdom. The press informed that a group of terrorists connected with Al-Qaeda were arrested in Saudi Arabia. The men planned to fire on important objects in different parts of the country with missiles. An influential source in the Ministry for Internal Affairs reported the arrest of six Saudis and one Sudanese working on a diversion with explosives and two SAM-7 missiles secretly brought into the kingdom. One of the missiles was used at an unsuccessful attemp at Prince Sultan’s air force base near Er Riyadh.

The Ministry reports that the arrested Sudanese is closely connected with Al-Qaeda. In May, a US military spokesman said that the case of a portable missile was found near the Prince Sultan’s base.

Yegor Belous PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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