China has a deadly new weapon

China has created more problems for the United States. To be more precise, China has created another weapon for Washington to be afraid of. The other day, China’s air force held a successful test of a new air-to-air missile code named AA 12 Adder.

On the whole, the situation is quite ordinary, as many countries hold such tests. The USA itself is actively working on a National Missile Defense system, irrespective of other countries’ interests. However, the USA explains its anxiety the following way: Washington thinks that the fact that China has modern missiles can break the balance between continental China and Taiwan.

Before the test, US special services could not say for certain whether or not China had missiles of this kind or not. It is to be added here that the missiles tested by China’s air force are Russian-made, supplied together with SU-30 fighters. As of now, according to the contract, 80 fighters have already been supplied to the Chinese air force. As a response, the Pentagon wants to supply missiles similar to the AA-12 Adder to Taiwan. This may entail China’s accusation of the US interference in internal affairs. There is no way out for Washington, as it is a guarantor of Taiwan’s security.

Therefore, China and the USA have another reason for disputes. At the same time, it would not be correct to say that new missile tests by the Chinese air force may result in a sudden chill in bipartite relations. Beijing and Washington really appreciate their economic relations, and they will no wage a small cold war because of missile tests. Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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