“Political crisis” in Malaysia: 7 days without Dr. M

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad astounded everyone last Sunday after “reigning” for 21 years (on the ground of the principles of democratic procedures). In his statement to his political associates and to the people of Malaysia, he declared that he was going to resign. Within the same hour, he appeared in front of television cameras again, claiming that he succumbed to his friends’ persuasion, and that he agreed to remain as prime minister until October of the next year. After that, he suddenly went on vacation to Naples, having given the Malaysians an opportunity to deal with such a very unexpected “political crisis.”

The prime minister’s statement did not leave anyone indifferent, and the opinions were very contradictory, both among the population of Malaysia and the political elite of the world. Oligarchs rejoiced about the news, together with currency profiteers, gays, Muslim fundamentalists, Zionist extremists, as well as the majority of the Western media outlets. Those Asian politicians that were interested in the stability in the region, Mahathir’s companions in the ruling coalition, as well as the majority of the 23-million-population of Malaysia were on the edge of despair. Needless to mention, the situation changed after the prime minister appeared on television for the second time with an absolutely different statement.

A comment in the New York Times is a good example of this: “He is not a free-market capitalist; the state controls large sectors of the economy. However, he is certainly no communist; He is not a democrat; However, he has held elections.... Тhe media there are not free and independent. He blamed the Asian financial crises of 1998 (this is what the text says, although the crisis happened in 1997) on money speculators, foremost among them George Soros, and his accusations were "tinged with anti-semitism." He calls for an end to sanctions against Iraq. Under Dr. Mahathir, Malaysia has been one of the most stable countries in Asia. There have been no coups and no no blood baths among the country's ethnic Malays, Chinese, and Indians. He also hasn't been a dictator; he has not used the army, the police, or brutal methods to retain his hold on power.”

These confessions contain the reason why the last week led to the impromptu referendum amid Malaysian politicians and the majority of the Malaysian population under the motto “Malaysia still needs Dr. M!” This is what the vast majority thinks; this is the response to Washington, which has been trying to install its people all over the world, from Palestine to Malaysia.

Therefore, Mahathir is still the prime minister of Malaysia until October 25 of the next year (he set the date himself, having timed it up to the summit of the Muslim countries). Mahathir bin Mohamad believes that this period of time will be enough for him to find a substitute. Mahathir has been working hard for 21 years, extricating his country from poverty and making it onto the list of most prosperous countries of the continent. He is 76 years old and he is now dreaming of dedicating the rest of his life to his grandchildren (there are reportedly eleven of them).

Andrey Krushinsky PRAVDA.Ru Beijing

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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