Serbian Kosovo is being wiped off the face of the Earth

More horrific news is coming from Kosovo; more acts of vandalism took place in that long-suffering land. Orthodox Serbian graveyards were desecrated in the town of Djakovica and Orahovac. Someone destroyed tombstones, leaving their “traces” on them: the symbols of an extremist organization of Albanian guerrillas. Orthodox graveyards in the towns of Siga and Brestovic (near the city of Pec) suffered even more: vandals exhumed the graves and scattered the remains of dead Serbs.

The Moscow Patriarchy cited a letter that was written by Bishop Artemy to the NATO-led peace force (known as KFOR) in Kosovo. The letter was filled with depression.

The bishop wrote thatover 100 orthodox churches have been destroyed since the military actions in Kosovo and Metohija and not less than ten graveyards have desecrated. However, there has been no legal action taken, not to mention any arrests. Nothing has been done on the territory that is directly defended by KFOR. Bishop Artemy believes this is the deliberate policy of the international community representatives and not any mistake. Those events were kept secret by the leadership of the peacemaking force and international organizations for the protection of human rights. The Albanian police and peacemaking force prevents the Serbian Patriarchy from documenting such acts of vandalism.

The Kosovo government completely supports acts of desecration, taking into consideration the fact that some of its representatives directly participate in them sometimes. The monument to Serbian King Stefan Nemanja was demolished on June 4th. The monument stood in front of the building of the Town-Planning Ministry of Kosovo, and ministerial officials took a very active role in the demolition of the monument.

The analysis of events that are happening in Kosovo on a regular basis made bishop Artemy come to the following conclusion: “KFOR takes part in the elimination of inheritance and culture of the Serbian Orthodox Church and in the spiritual genocide of the Serbian nation.” The local Albanian government is going to ensure “law and order." They will remove the ruins of orthodox churches that were destroyed by them. There will soon be another monument in Djakovica instead of the ruined church: a monument to the Kosovo Liberation Army.

The Serbian Orthodox Church released an updated edition of the book Crucified Kosovo, which contained documented evidence of acts of desecration against Serbian sacred objects and photographs of ruined temples and eyewitnesses’ stories.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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