Russian spiritual deed: Partisan activity

This proud word “partisan” is surely in one semantic line with such negatively used words as terrorist, extremist, saboteur. Exploded trains, explosions in restaurants were awarded with a state decoration in Soviet Russia in the middle of the 20th century: the decoration to a “Partisan of the Great Patriotic War.” A wide partisan movement, the organization of people’s avengers for abused dignity, honor, for groveling and oppression is a native tradition of the Russian people.

It is not correct to talk about partisans in Russia nowadays, because Russia is together with the West in its struggle with international terrorism. Instead of using the word “partisan,” they prefer to use the words of foreign origin like “terrorist,” “extremist.” In other words, speaking about partisans, I am trying to use the principle of “correcting names” in the situation, when “a thesis has been changed” in people’s minds: when a cover-up point is sticking out, and the deep point is substituted for a legend.

What are partisan actions? Partisan actions are the anarchic actions of people’s struggle that do not have any organizational, systematic features. They are usually exercised in the form of a sabotage, falsification, armed subversive activities that are basically conducted by people’s avengers independently. Partisan movements appear only as a response to something that defies the system of values in people’s souls.

What can move Russian people to partisan actions currently? People might avenge only if their souls were insulted with this or that explicit injustice. According to the orthodox tradition, people have to be tolerable about hardships and difficulties, but a spiritual deed is something that is approved by God.

So, what defies a Russian soul, which kind of invasion of the economic globalization? I think that it is basically about unfair disconnection from electric power and water supplies. It goes about the reform in the power engineering field, conducted by the Russian government. The scenario of the reform was made up by Minister German Gref and Anatoly Chubais – the head of the United Energy System of Russia (RAO UES of Russia). Pursuant to the point of the reform, a competitive market of electric power is going to be instituted, in order to make electric power something like commodities of short supplies. If this reform wins, then it will definitely be offending with its unfair access to electric power (water supplies and heating power too) for common people. Such a reform might provoke partisan activities amid the Russian population.

The same can be said about other governmental reforms, allegedly purely economic reforms, which allegedly stipulate for the increase of the free circulation of capital under market conditions. The public utilities reform, the land reform, the armed forces reform – they all humiliate people’s dignity and will assist in the growth of partisan activities in the regions.

Only a partisan movement will be able to locally lessen the value of a lot of “free market achievements.” Human and material factors are ready for the armed struggle (in the form of sabotage) with injustice in Russia. The priceless experience of red partisans from the civil war era shows, who is going to win in the current contradiction between globalism and traditions in Russia.

Speaking about the official state of the Russian government in front of globalism, we have to say that there is a very clear tendency showing, to change official’s outfit from democratic to half-military uniform: this uniform (for prosecutors, customs, financial officials, etc) will be like a symbol of devotion to the idea of the struggle with free market enemies.

The square head gear with a tassel for a judge of the Russian Federation, or a service cap of the Latin American kind for a Russian military man cannot be considered as symbols of the Russian national dignity. The uniform of Russian special police units (known in Russia as OMON) has the English lettering (!!) on it, in spite of the fact that this uniform is worn by the detachments of the Russian Internal (!!) Ministry. This definitely has some hidden motive of globalism.

Andrey Devyatov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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